Primary Focus:
Housing & Healthcare

Our Diligent Path to Building a Legacy 

1. Invest in United States Real Estate

With a population of 323 million and rising, along with a Real Estate Market valued at over $40 trillion, it’s hard to ignore the significant opportunity that investing in U.S. Real Estate has to offer.

2. Our Investment Strategy

Our multi-strategy approach is focused on Housing and Healthcare Real Estate targeting unique value add, adaptive reuse and ground up development opportunities.

3. Qualifying Opportunities

Not all opportunities are created equal. We adopt a disciplined, diligent approach to identify opportunities through a defined Magna Methodology. Only qualifying opportunities that exceed targeted risk adjusted hurdle rates are presented to our partners. Our Real Estate investments are a proud reflection of our dedication to ensuring that we build a sustainable, proud legacy, together. 

4. Investment Governance

Accountability, Transparency and Trust are central to ensuring that our Real Estate assets are housed within robust investment entities in which investors interests are clear and protected with appropriate independent participation by reputable legal and financial professionals.