The Firm

Magna Legacy Partners lead local and international investors into select U.S. Real Estate markets focusing primarily in the Housing & Healthcare Sectors 




Our Story

Magna Legacy Partners is a culmination of decades of international experience researching, consulting, developing, and investing in the global Real Estate market by a group of reputable Real Estate & Healthcare executives who have identified a sustainable investment strategy within their core areas of expertise.

Our Focus

Mantra: Provide a seamless property investment partnership built on transparency and trust to grow the wealth and Legacy of our Partners while enriching our stakeholders, communities & environment.

Vision: To be the premier Real Estate partner of choice by building an outstanding portfolio of Legacy Properties across the U.S. and abroad that consistently exceeds expectations.


We Prioritize Long-Term Asset Return Optimization

Why Magna? 

 Magna Legacy Partners is an invaluable partnership built on the foundation of :

  1. Having a trusted, experienced team on the ground to navigate opportunities & simplify the investment pathway into the most desired real estate market in the world
  2. A customized strategy to maximize US Dollar based risk-adjusted returns by optimizing diversification through sector, geography, competitive position and timely deployment of capital 

Addressing the Real Estate Investment Need

  • Real Estate is one of the largest & most stable investment classes
  • Investors seek trustworthy partners to navigate the complex U.S. Real Estate investment world
  • Geopolitical factors drive investment diversification into Real Estate as a key asset backed, risk adjusted, capital preservation alternative
  • Many investment portfolios lack adequate allocation to Real Estate 
  • Few flexible quality syndicated property investment opportunities 
  • Investor Demand for Opportunities > Supply